Last week

Last week

Reception were lucky enough to begin the week by going on a transport trip. The children made their own Oyster cards  and used these to travel on a bus, a tube and a train. We learnt about where we need to go to catch them, how we know what the next stop is and how we can keep safe on public transport. The children have continued to draw and create models of different modes of transport and we went on to have a paper plane race. After half term we will be thinking about ways to improve our learning by starting our Metacognition lesson.

In phonics, we have begun to learn digraphs ‘ai’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’ and ‘oa’.



In maths, we continued to count to 20 and started to recognise numerals (up to 20) in our environment.

Yesterday, we had an amazing Chinese New Year assembly. Here is a link to the Mandarin blog. It has some lovely videos for Chinese New Year and a video of the assembly.


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